Exterior — Suggestions Wanted

Here is a picture of our exterior.  For several reasons our house looks different than the house we are modifying. 

1.  Our house is set higher up, so you are looking up at the house

2.  Our roof overhangs do not return to the house, so you can see up under them, creating the extra space between the top of our windows and the roof.

3.  We think our windows might be a bit smaller than theirs – – this is not confirmed, just appears so. 

In our plans we requested 24″ overhangs, but due to some bad communication and a on-the-spot decision by our builder our overhangs were reduced to 18″.  We feel that the bigger overhang would have given our house more of the Bungalow/Craftsman look that we were going for, but it’s really too late to make them 24″. 

Anyhoo, here are pictures of our house and the Lot 87 house.  Any suggestions – awnings, pediments, trim boards, etc are welcome. 


Columns still to come
Columns still to come
Lot 87 Exterior
Some of the options we are considering – –
1.  Moving the windows up.  The architect that I met with said that with 9ft ceilings the window are ususally set at 7’8″ and ours are set at 7’4″ so that would probably look better on the interior as well.
2.  Bigger windows – – this would take at least a month to order and would put us behind schedule.  Not a big deal in the overall scheme if it is necessary to make the house look great.
3.  Increase the trim size.  Our trim looks more narrow that lot 87. 
4.  Add a window box below the middle window.
5.  Change the roofline so it returns to the house so we could add a cornice at the top. 
6.  Add decorative brackets (probably 4) along the top front.
7.  Change the color of either the whole house or just the top.

One response to “Exterior — Suggestions Wanted

  1. David Benson

    I think that a lot will change when those columns come in. I know that you are trying to keep things simple, but you may need to consider shutters. Have you considered painting the top fascia a different color…something slightly darker. I’m not sure if this would look good or not.

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